"I have nothing to declare but my genius." - Oscar Wilde

Artists aren't made. They are born.

I believe every person on this planet has a unique set of skills, talents, sensibilities, and gifts.

I believe you are here because you have the gift of creativity.

Maybe you are  a dancer, a singer, an actor, a painter, an illustrator, a writer, or  a flower arranger- you could be any of those wonderful things.

Maybe you don't call yourself an artist, but you want to live and be creative minded.

but you just can't seem to get started...or finished.

It's like:

You want to create "something" but never begin.

You know something wants to come through you but have no idea where to start.

You secretly dream of a successful art career but never tell anyone.

You know you were meant for more, but despite giving it your best efforts, nothing takes off.

You are unfulfilled, cranky, and frustrated.

You talk about doing "IT" someday.

Could it be that...

You have been told:

That you won't make a living doing what you love?

You aren't talented enough to go pro?

Only special people get to be artists?

Creative careers are hard?

That you are too old?

Creative people are selfish?

Artists never have relationships that last?

Artists are crazy?

I totally understand.

But it's total BS, made up by non-artists to scare you into (mundane) and totally made up safety.

You can make a living doing what you love- just like anyone else on this planet.

You wouldn't want to do it if it wasn't meant for you to do and give to the world.

Artists are born with their gifts- no one can grant them or take them away.

Making a living gets to be how you hard you want it to be.

You are never to old to fulfill your soul's desires- in fact, it's  a requirement for all living beings.

Creative people generally have a better take on how to heal teh world, share insights and connect to what makes humanity tick - including themselves.

Artists are capable of long term, loving relationships just like every other human.

Artists are unique, sensitive, sometimes eccentric creatures that often need very different systems to feed and nourish their souls- and share their art with the world.

the World Needs Your Art.

So do you.


Looking at a  blank page and knowing that you get to share your healing words with the world- and start typing easily.

Sitting in a movie theatre, comparing the screenplay you are FINALLY writing to the one you are watching, giddily taking notes.

Standing in the wings, looking down at your dance shoes and smiling because YOU ARE ON NEXT.

Tenderly wrapping your jewelry into tissue as a customer thanks you for your beautiful pice as she is handing over your credit card.

Trying not to sob as you see your book on the shelves in your hometown bookstore that you have been going to since you were a kid. And then signing your book for the guy buying it.

Having your favorite street artist emoji your post on Instagram and then FOLLOW you.

Quietly brushing oil paint onto canvas as you think, "I'm actually pretty good. Why did I wait so long?"

Nearly falling over when your own family members pay full price for your work- and enjoying every moment of it.

Seeing your handmade shoes go from a drawing on your bed to a regional brand to being featured on tv shows- in a span of years.

True stories.

Real people.

Creative lives.

Only a step away.

The World Needs Your Art Online 6 Week Class

6 Weeks Of Casual Magic To Unlock Your Creativity

Based on the bestselling book by Danielle. E. Fournier

The online 6 week course:

  • 6 week online course
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  • Start making art and keep going
  • Sell your work in that doesn't feel salesy or gross
  • Share your vision with the world
  • Have a vision for your success, a strategy and the support to pull it off
  • Define your style, medium, and niche
  • Supportive community

I have included several of my other courses into this one to create a super packed experience to empower you on every level to make the art your soul is craving. (over $200 value)


  • Catalyst: A Jumpstart Guide to Creativity ($47)
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About Danielle Fournier

I'm Danielle Fournier, a bestselling creativity author, artist and teacher. My soul's work is to bring more art, artists, makers and free spirit creators into abundance and self-expression in this world. I designed this course as a catalyst to empower creatives to have access to all tools and support they need to make their vision real. Thanks for being here, and for being you!


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